What's the #1 blind spot keeping you from success?

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Why do some people seem to effortlessly and successfully launch their online course or membership while others struggle to gain traction?

Kimi Sellars Brown and Meg Burrage, 

Founders of the HCA Program

The Heart-Centered Apprentice began as a passion project for Meg and Kimi – we saw so many people in need of help with their Kajabi websites and insufficient Kajabi specialists who truly knew their stuff and could deliver a wonderful client experience. That coupled with the endless horror stories you hear in this industry of people being disappointed (or worse, ripped off!) by so-called Kajabi Experts.

Kimi & I set about to create a 12-month apprenticeship comprised of 3 months technical and business training combined with 9 months of ongoing support. A program that is by application only with a rigorous interview process to ensure these Kajabi Specialists are truly made of the right stuff – competent, reliable, and full of heart.

This quiz will help you find out where you are stuck, and then will give you guidance to get un-stuck: access to free video trainings from our amazing Heart-Centered Apprentices, Kajabi Specialists that work with clients just like you, helping them on their journey to becoming Kajabi Heroes

What's the #1 blind spot stopping you from online business success? This quiz will show you...

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