Looking for a side-hustle you can absolutely fall IN LOVE with?


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If you have a love of all things digital, a knack for picking up systems & software and a genuine love of helping others to succeed, then why not create yourself a business doing just that?

Flexible, well paid, incredibly satisfying and the perfect option if you’re wanting to generate some income while working on your own digital program

Because let's face it, launching your own online course can take a little while!

Looking for a side-hustle you can absolutely fall IN LOVE with?


in the


If you have a love of all things digital, a knack for picking up systems & software and a genuine love of helping others to succeed, then why not create yourself a business doing just that?

Flexible, well paid, incredibly satisfying and the perfect option if you’re wanting to generate some income while working on your own digital program

Because let's face it, launching your own online course can take a little while!

The Heart-Centered Apprenticeship is where you want to be if you’re interested in learning everything there is to know about creating a 6-figure side-hustle that supports your family & lifestyle, but the program is by application only and we’re seeking those who possess the "special sauce".

 In Collaboration With

 Penny Clements

Penny In Your Pocket

 Sal Francis

The Template Tribe

Zach Spuckler

Heart, Soul & Hustle

 Jason Go


Sarah Buchanan-Smith

SEO & Content Strategist

 Betsy Coyne


 Jay Crisp-Crow

Crisp Copy

 Maria Doyle

Curriculum Specialist
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I don’t know about you but launching my own online course was no overnight thing and I didn’t want that to be the determining factor that held me up from escaping my corporate 9-5.

I was pregnant, I was miserable, I knew I was made for something more, but at the same time I had responsibilities to meet, a mortgage to pay, and the income had to continue. It was not long after that I fell into helping other entrepreneurs with their online course launching and it was the best decision I could have made.

I immersed myself in the world of digital marketing, I learned every launch strategy out there, I spent time with and studied the people who were truly creating success on their own terms and

I took my business income from $0 to $480,000 in 2 years

(& had not 1 but 2! babies in that time)

I grew an incredible team of Aussie mums, trained over 1,000 people how to use Kajabi and connected and collaborated with the very best to put myself in a unique position where I could create, with the help of the gorgeous Kimi Brown, something very special to me – The Heart-Centered Apprentice.

A program designed to help other women, mums in particular, create a business and lifestyle that truly makes anything and everything possible.

The Apprenticeship brings together a number of magic ingredients, or “Pillars”


The technical training you need to be an asset to any digital business – Kajabi, SEO, Coding, Design, Copy, Deadline Funnel, you get the idea


How you conduct yourself and run your business, encompassing onboarding, pricing, project management, systems and processes


How you show up to the world and set yourself apart from the noise as a specialist who is remembered and sought after


The discovering of your super-power so that you build yourself a business in alignment with what you love

Strategic Partnerships

You’ll never be all things to all people, but what you can do is learn to connect and collaborate in such a way that you strengthen both your offerings and increase your impact


Creating a raving fan base that explodes your inbox and allows you to pick and choose the perfect clients you want to work with

What if there was a way to provide Kajabi as a Service as your side-hustle and pay off debt, pay for vacations you've not been able to take before due to budget issues, send your kids to after school & sports programs, pay cash for unexpected emergencies and not use your credit card, or just add an infusion of cash into your already stretched budget?

Well, that's my journey!

I'm Kimi Brown. A sassy, slightly smart-assy, mom and wife who loves to laugh, hates drama and is addicted to coffee and bourbon (not at the same time...usually).

I went from learning Kajabi on my own for a client back in 2015, to one Kajabi website build every month or two to help out our stretched thin budget, to realizing offering Kajabi as a Service might be the answer I was looking for due to having to suddenly stay home to take care of a newly diagnosed chronically ill child (so lost my job and that income) and had to find a way to create additional income to pay for $1K+ a month in life-saving prescription/medical copays.

Running Kajabi as a Service as a side-hustle paid for all of that and more.  I still work my dream schedule where I still do all the mom things and don’t miss out on ANYTHING, ($5 Movie Tuesdays are a must) but this is now grown into my main hustle and I am on the brink of retiring my husband from his job.

I'm am a student of the business and have sat at the feet of many experts, gurus, coaches and consultants.

I am a bit of a contrarian and believe in transparency, truth telling, avoiding shiny object syndrome and guiding you through the noise so you can grow your business without overwhelm.

Let's get you selling Kajabi as a Service quickly by focusing on simple strategies, systems and processes so you can stop building your business by chance and "throwing spaghetti against the wall" to see what sticks.

We can do the "advanced stuff" later! But you have to make money first!


The Heart-Centered Apprentice


Meg Burrage & Kimi Brown

A business building program designed to set you apart and

fully prepared for success and growth

Join Us for 3 Months of Technical Training

Covering all things Kajabi and Launch Strategy – Products, Offers, Pipelines, Emails, Events, Automations, Challenges, Webinars, Lead Magnets

12 Coaching Calls

Our first 6 coaching calls allow us to deep-dive into 6 core technical areas and our next 6 coaching calls are focused purely on your business and the HCA “pillars”

6 Guest Experts (& a couple of surprises up our sleeve)

Learn from 6 industry experts on curriculum creation, coding, page design, copy, Facebook Ads, and SEO

The Power Pod

Every Friday for 12 weeks you’ll be invited to the Power Pod with Kimi Brown and will have an opportunity for hot seats and deep-dive discussions on anything that might be keeping you stuck or require further discussion

Private Community

The community is a mix of apprentices and course creators who are learning Kajabi for themselves – this makes it the perfect place for collaborations but also to connect with people in need of Kajabi and course launch assistance

+ Special Sauce

9 Months of Client Support

Following on from the 3 Month Technical & Business Training you'll be invited to twice-monthly coaching calls to work through all your client tasks (think of these like on-demand audits)

(valued at $10,400)

Partner Level Affiliate Program

50% of all Kajabi template pack sales and your own "Shop" page for your website

(5 sales a month = $1742 or $20,910 annually)

Our Systems & Processes

Our step-by-step process for client site builds and all legal policies & agreements required to set up and protect your business.

(valued at $4,400)

Qualified Apprentice Promotion

Feature on our website in The Directory as an HCA Certified Apprentice for a full 12 months, so that you can capitalize on our website traffic and launch promotions.

Your own "feature" page on our site to showcase your qualifications, superpowers and personality.

Introduced in all our launches as one of our "trusted Kajabi Specialists"

Referred to when suitable inquiries come into our inbox that our team can not accommodate but where we know you’d be the perfect fit

(PRICELESS! Watch the inquiries roll in!)

"Kim and Meg are the dream team" 

”Kim and Meg are the Kajabi dream team and the best guides if you want to learn how to offer Kajabi services as a business.

I reached out to Meg when I was looking to add a Kajabi offer to my existing web design business, and it was quickly apparent that she is not only extremely knowledgeable about Kajabi, but also a very caring and helpful person.

She introduced me to Kim, and over the past few months the two of them have supported me with gaining new Kajabi clients, understanding how to get the most out of the Kajabi platform, and learning the marketing strategy that goes hand-in-hand with the tech side of things. With their support and guidance, I feel really confident in my ability to navigate the Kajabi platform and grow my business.

On top of the tech and marketing training that Kim and Meg have provided me, they have also been very responsive to all of my questions and have created a supportive and helpful community of other aspiring Kajabi business owners.

If you're interested in starting or scaling a Kajabi business, I truly believe that there is no better choice than working with Kim and Meg. They will support you every step of the way. ”

CHRISTINA RAVA, Course Launch Specialist

See what's waiting for you inside once you join HCA…

Not to mention all the little surprises, which are... well ...surprises!

Core Training 1:


We're big fans of working backwards and that's why we start with the end in mind.

Our first task is to show you what's involved in building out the perfect Kajabi product - whether that be a mini-course, membership or signature program - because let's face it, that's why people are coming to Kajabi! And as an added bonus each Apprentice will get one of Penny Clements Membership Product themes!

This module also includes A very special guest presenters who will help you wrap your head around curriculum creation - something that many people battle with!

Guest Expert:

Maria Doyle on Curriculum Creation

Core Training 2:


In this module you will learn everything there is to know about creating an Offer, including Upsells, Affiliate Set-Up, Coupons...you get the idea

You will also meet our next Guest Presenter Jason Go who will upskill you with checkout coding capabilities (knowing how to code a checkout will pay for HCA in itself!)

Guest Expert:

Jason Go of The Codex


Core Training 3:


By the time you reach the end of Core Training #3 on Sales Pages, you'll be well equipped to be earning some serious money! A well-crafted, beautifully designed sales page, full of on-point copy and clear messaging will make or break your client's launch. Do this one thing well and you will make your clients lots of money, which in turn will have you referred all over town. 

In this training, we prepare waitlist pages, early birds, beautifully designed sales pages (templates provided) and knuckle down on compelling copy.

Guest Experts:

Penny Clements of Penny In Your Pocket

Jay Crisp Crow of Crisp Copy

Because let's face it, without a beautiful & well-written sales page your client's program is not selling

Core Training 4:


What's the Number 1 thing anyone new to the online industry wants to do? You got it - grow their list! And this is the training module that will help you help them do that. Strategies we will cover include quiz creation, TryInteract integrations, Free Video Series and everything in between.

And while we're at it we're going to give you a solid foundation in good SEO practices so that you can help your clients with getting found on Google!

Guest Expert:

Sarah Buchanan-Smith on SEO

    Making the most of human curiosity we look at crafting quizzes to attract an audience
    One of the easiest strategies out there to provide great value to your client's audience and have them bending over backwards to join that list!
    So much easier to make attractive when you're working with a stunning template (yep, provided!)

Core Training 5:


Content creation comes in all shapes and sizes but however it comes you'll be fielding requests to help manage its set-up & distribution. In this module, we're learning all about Kajabi as a host for your client blogs, vlogs and audio podcasts.

Core Training 6:


You've built your client's new (& stunning) website, but now comes that critical piece - traffic! Sadly it's never a case of build it and they will come so let's get a handle on setting up your first Facebook Ads for either your clients or your own business. 

We have a very special and knowledgeable guest speaker Zack Spuckler who will take you through your FB ads set up in a simple but highly effective live masterclass. 

Guest Expert:

Zach Spuckler 

Heart, Soul and Hustle

Plus Extended Deep-Dive Training Into...

Challenge Launching

Challenge Launching is my absolute favourite strategy. Real relationship building with participants and no icky salesy feeling at the end. Come and learn this high-converting strategy and all my best kept secrets.

Webinar Launching

Are you working with audiences or clients who are a little more corporate or time poor? Then you'll want to learn all the webinar variations - Live, Evergreen & On-Demand.

Student Experience

It's one thing to get students enrolled, but then the REAL work begins! Let's look at increasing completion and overall satisfaction with incentives and gamification. 

Once we’ve covered off the technical, it’s down to business!

Business Module 1:
Honing Your Super-Power

In our first business module, we focus on mindset, specialization and determining your super-power to have you standing out from the crowd

Business Module 2:
Pricing & Scaling

Let’s work on all the different ways you can price and package your services and what makes the most sense for where you are. We’ll work on your ascension model and ensuring you’re charging what you’re worth

Business Module 3:
Selling & Selecting

This module will give you the competence to lead a perfect discovery call but also the confidence and courage to say no when it’s not the right fit

Business Module 4:
Onboarding & Project Management

It’s one thing to secure a new client but now we need it to run like clockwork and in this module you will learn all our processes and systems for onboarding, managing and offboarding at the completion

Business Module 5:
Marketing Your Brilliance

So much of your success will be determined by marketing – this module encompasses the creation of raving fans, your own messaging and presence, collaborations and “special sauce”

Business Module 6:
Let's Get Booked!

Your apprentice training is complete, your homework assignments graded, your place in our directory secured and now it’s time to celebrate and get you out there with publicity and promotion

"They have changed my life and I am so excited to start helping my own clients" 

I first met Meg during a free 5-day challenge and I saw firsthand the huge amount of value Meg offers together with bucket loads of patience and a heart to help everyone.

I knew that her paid program would be amazing and the add-on of the Heart-Centred Apprentice was just a no-brainer for me as I realised I loved the tech side of Kajabi and would love to start helping people on their own entrepreneurial journey.

Kim was my pod leader during CCI and she is so willing to help even over and above our regular calls, Kim will shoot Looms or find and share resources to help in so many ways. Kim helped me sort through and map out a website for a client and it has really helped both my client and I to continue moving forward on her project.

Meg and Kim are amazing mentors to their students and I cannot wait to continue on the HCA journey with them.

I would highly recommend joining Meg and Kim in HCA, they have changed my life and I am so excited to start helping my own clients.

GAIL STARR, Kajabi Specialist

It gets better!

Collaboration and Connection are at the heart of everything we do and our "Superpower" is knowing who to connect you with.

Let us make this easy for you and connect you with the very best in the business with

6 Incredible Guest Experts

Penny Clements of Penny In Your Pocket

Penny is arguably the very best Kajabi designer out there (you'll often hear me say "I want to be Penny when I grow up" 😂 and she'll be dropping in to run a class & live Q&A on design to help you take your pages up a level

Penny Clements

Jay Crisp Crow of Crisp Copy

She's the very best conversion copywriter that I know of. Award-winning, booked out months in advance and taking some time out of her schedule to come in and teach us a thing or two about sales page copy. Do you like this sales page? Well, I learned from Jay and she has a little something, something, to help you with yours 😉

Jay Crisp Crow

Maria Doyle, Curriculum

Your clients might be experts at what they do, teaching it live for years, but how this is a completely different arena and sometimes they need a bit of help to take it out of their head and put it into an online program that makes sense. Maria is in to teach you all about scaffolding programs and how to really demonstrate the value of them so that your clients can charge top dollar!

Maria Doyle

Jason Go of the Codex

Curious about the world of coding? Jason Go is coming in to teach us how to custom code a checkout which will drastically increase your client conversions and this sort of coding is for the total beginner. Can you copy and paste? Then you're good! And this service alone would be enough to generate a great income.

Jason Go

Zach Spuckler of Heart, Soul & Hustle

Once upon a time this man taught me everything I know about creating a 5-Day Challenge, and then he went ahead and built himself a Facebook Ads agency. #WinningCombo! Nowadays Zach runs all my Facebook Ads and has helped me with multiple 6-figure launches and ladies, you’re in for a treat, Zach is in to help you with the Facebook Ads foundations you need to get both yourself and your clients out there into the world.

Zach Spuckler

Sarah Buchanan-Smith, SEO

It's a topic where historically I always put my head in the sand - SEO - but something that most clients will ask you about eventually. Sarah has become our go-to girl on all things SEO & Content Strategy and will help simplify the process and what you need to do to help your clients with ranking on Google.

Sarah Buchanan-Smith

Apply now to join The Heart-Centered Apprentice and help us shape this life-changing program


Program Investment (12 Months Training & Support)
$450 USD x 12 months
$4,500 USD upfront

View Our Call & Coaching Schedule Here

NOTE** Call calendar displays in PDT (USA) timezone - subscribe to the calendar to see the call schedule in your local time.

2 calls have been scheduled monthly with Meg at an Australia-friendly time.


"I’ve been in other coaching programs before. It hasn’t been like it is here.

This has been the most valuable coaching, or business-related ANYTHING, that I have been a part of. So uplifting, so encouraging, so educational. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It has been well worth the investment and well worth the time.

On top of that, the women that Kimi & Meg have chosen as a good fit for the program are AMAZING"

Co-Founder, Cleverful

How about a SLEEP EASY Guarantee?
2 Actually!

Concerned it might not be quite the right fit? The best way to know?

… that’s simple. Try it.

Guarantee #1:

Test-Drive The Program Until After Your 1:1 Success Session

When you enroll, you’ll have until after our 1:1 Success Session to decide if HCA is right for you, and if after our call you decide it's not what you need simply let us know by email to [email protected] and we'll gladly refund your entire investment, no questions asked! This means you can even attend our HCA Welcome Call, hear what we have in store, and make up your mind afterward.

Guarantee #2:

The Satisfaction Guarantee

Because we hand-pick our apprentices (using one of our super-powers) we KNOW that when you throw yourself into the program, attend 2 coaching sessions monthly and complete the 6 homework assignments you WILL see success, but the degree of success is of course up to you and will be reflective of the work you put in. If at the end of 12 months you don't feel that we have kept up our part of the bargain and you are in any way unsatisfied with the training or support provided throughout the program, you can request a complete refund!

What's that? You're looking for crazy program bonuses?

Get ready for the BEST BONUSES You've Ever Seen!

When You Enroll You’ll Get


(Valued at $2,795)

To arm you with all the things we use in our own businesses that will
shortcut your path to success


Your 1:1 Success Session


Join Meg or Kimi (your choice) in a 1 Hour Success Session so that we can understand your individual situation & business objectives. No one is a number inside of HCA and cohort numbers are kept small to ensure you receive the individual support you need.



Your Complete Website Shortcut

Take it from us, when you're in the service industry and care about your clients' success, their stuff ALWAYS comes before your stuff and that means your own website and branding can really take a backseat.

Even if you're a graphic designer that could build your own jaw-dropping website, you might find it useful to start with one of our complete end-to-end template designs and you can always create your own down the track when you find a spare minute. We have 8 designs to choose from and...

All our template packs include:

  • 10 Main Website Pages
  • 7 Bonus Secondary Pipeline Pages
  • Matching Website Theme for your Blog, Student Library & Login Areas

And as an added bonus, we'll allow you to use whichever pack you choose on client sites as a starting point to save yourself HOURS of work starting from scratch! Challenge pipelines, webinars, sales pages, bonus pages, website themes, it's all in there! 

“My website matches me and my brand, and I couldn't be happier with the result!"

"The Softly Does It homepage template made designing my website not only easier, but fun! 

The template provides a clean, elegant, and beautiful design that I just love. I've received so many compliments on it as well.

It's a breeze to plug in your own photos, change the colors, and customize it for your needs. 

Thank you!"



Kajabi Fast-Start & Second Training Log-In


You might be a one-woman operator right now, but it won't be long before you embrace the role of your inner Digital CEO and look to expand your impact. For some, this could mean taking on a business partner or assistant and when the time comes we're here to help. With your program enrolment comes a second login to the technical training we cover in CCI so you can divide and conquer, valid for 6 months so that they have sufficient time to learn everything we're teaching.

How about a good checklist? I hear you. It's something my students ask for ALL the time because let's face it, there are so many moving pieces when it comes to building anything in Kajabi.

So now you'll have my BRAND NEW step-by-step processes and checklists in both Trello & Google Sheets so that you never miss a puzzle piece again and can execute everything with ease!

Build your client's Kajabi website and launch pipeline right the first time and without the risk of forgetting a key component! 

  • Never miss a critical component of your launch again
  • Simple, step-by-step checklists to manage your build from start to finish
  • Challenge Launching
  • Live Webinar Launching
  • Free Video Series Lead Magnet
  • Sales Page Building
  • Offers & Checkouts
  • Automations
  • Site Settings & Website Theme


Designer Sales Page & Product Theme

Okay, these ones are not for client use but seriously, become an affiliate of Penny (immediately...like right now!) and share her templates with the world because this sales page template and custom product theme are going to make your own stuff look a million bucks!

Have you ever heard me say, "I want to be Penny when I grow up"? Penny is hands down the best Kajabi Designer I've ever seen and she's going to absolutely blow you away with her design class. Who knows, maybe one day you'll graduate from HCA into her Kajabi Design Academy.


Challenge Launch Toolkit


Okay, you probably read further up the page that Zach Spuckler originally taught me everything I know about running a 5-Day Challenge. Well, I paid him $997 for that incredible wisdom and then later couldn't believe my eyes when he took all the incredible resources out of that program and put them into an easily accessible Challenge Launch Toolkit! So accessible I went and bought you all a copy and it's all yours inside of HCA! 



1 Year of Membership to The Template Tribe

If you don't consider yourself much of a designer, there are two things you need to have in your life: Canva & The Template Tribe.

Inside of The Template Tribe you will find stunning Canva templates for absolutely everything you need to help your clients - lead magnets, webinar slide decks, course banners, podcast art. If you can dream it, Sal has provided it to you. 

We use these templates every day in our own businesses. Already a member? We'll extend your membership by 12 months!

  • Product Banners & Module Covers
  • Lead Magnet Designs
  • Webinar Slide Decks
  • Podcast Art
  • Course Completion Certificates
  • Logos & Brand Kits
  • Social Media Posts
  • It's ENDLESS!



Digital Escape Rooms with Betsy Coyne 


Gamification is a hot topic in the online industry and one of the coolest ways your clients can gamify their programs is by making use of Digital Escape Rooms that can be built and run using Google Products and Zoom! Betsy Coyne is going to teach you exactly how you build your own Digital Escape Rooms, step-by-step, and you could absolutely create a business focussing on doing just this for your clients. You're going to love it!



The Spectacularly Simple Sales Page Bundle

Wee bit scared by the idea of conversion copy?

Or just don’t want to be a spammy, sleazy McSalesy pants?

The Crisp Copy Spectacularly Simple Sales Page Bundle is so sumptuously straightforward, you’ll be whipping up converting Sales pages faster than a salmon and strawberry jam sandwich! (those were Jay's words, not ours 😂)


When you join The Heart-Centered Apprentice, you'll receive access to every single thing listed below....plus a few surprises we have up our sleeves 😉

  • 3 Months of Technical Training, that you can start on immediately
  • 12 Coaching Sessions where we'll deep-dive into 6 core technical areas followed by 6 HCA business sessions (commencing November 2nd) 
  • 12 Weekly Power-Pod Sessions with the gorgeous Kimi Brown for general Q&A (Fridays 1PM EST commencing November 5th) 
  • Private Community, for all day brain-picking and client support

+ Special Sauce

  • 9 Months of Client Support in twice-monthly live sessions, following our 12 weekly coaching calls 
  • Partner Level Affiliate Program, earn 50% of all Kajabi template pack sales and your own "Shop" page for your website - 5 sales a month will make you $20,910! 
  • Our Systems & Processes, everything you need to onboard, protect, and project manage your clients including legal policies and agreements
  • Qualified Apprentice Promotion, all graduates to feature in our brand new HCA Certified Directory and benefit from our overflow of inbox inquiries
  • Tailored Success Path following our call
  • Homework Assignments with Personalized Loom Reviews & Feedback

+ Guest Expert Tutorials

  • Penny Clements - Design
  • Jason Go - Checkout Coding
  • Maria Doyle - Curriculum Creation
  • Jay Crisp Crow - Sales Page Copy
  • Zach Spuckler - Facebook Ads Foundations
  • Sarah Buchanan-Smith - SEO

+ Bonuses

  • Your 1:1 Success Session with Kimi or Meg (valued $300)
  • A Complete Website Template Pack  (valued $697) ...and you can use it on client builds!
  • Kajabi Fast-Start & Second Training Login (valued $8Digital Escape Room Mini-Co97)
  • Designer Sales Page Template & Custom Product Theme from Penny In Your Pocket (valued $300)
  • 1 Year of Access to The Template Tribe (valued $360)
  • Challenge Launch Toolkit (valued $37)
  • Digital Escape Room Mini-Course with Betsy Coyne (valued $147)
  • A 'Spectacularly Simple Sales Page Bundle' (valued $60)

Total Value $40,305

Not to mention the months you shave off growing to a successful, non-stressed, HAPPY 6-figure business!

Apply now to join The Heart-Centered Apprentice and help us shape this life-changing program


Program Investment (12 Months Training & Support)
$450 USD x 12 months
$4,500 USD upfront

View Our Call & Coaching Schedule Here

NOTE** Call calendar displays in PDT (USA) timezone - subscribe to the calendar to see the call schedule in your local time.

2 calls have been scheduled monthly with Meg at an Australia-friendly time.

In case there's anything we missed, here are some commonly asked questions!

Apply now to join The Heart-Centered Apprentice and help us shape this life-changing program


Program Investment (12 Months Training & Support)
$450 USD x 12 months
$4,500 USD upfront

View Our Call & Coaching Schedule Here

NOTE** Call calendar displays in PDT (USA) timezone - subscribe to the calendar to see the call schedule in your local time.

2 calls have been scheduled monthly with Meg at an Australia-friendly time.