What to expect with a Heart-Centered Apprentice?

Enrollment into the Heart-Centered Apprentice is by application and Kimi & I use our special superpowers to ensure only the best and brightest are selected.

To be listed on this directory all apprentices must pass 6 core assignments and achieve a minimum of 6 key competencies.

  • Email & Contact Management
  • Process Automation
  • List Building Strategy (Your lead magnet ideas brought to life!)
  • Webinar & Challenge Launching
  • Sales Page Design
  • Product & Offer Creation (Your courses and memberships)

The apprenticeship is comprised of 3 parts: 

  • 3 Months of Intensive Kajabi Training (10-15 hrs per week)
  • 3 Months of Business Pillars (to ensure your project runs smoothly)
  • 6 Months of Ongoing Support (touching base regularly on all client projects and assisting where needed)

Typically apprentices & graduates are fairly new to the world of Kajabi - on average between 6 months and 3 years. They apply to join the program and are accepted where we see aligned values and an excellent aptitude for all things "tech". They each have their own unique superpowers or "special sauce" and it's important that you carry out your own due diligence when selecting an apprentice to work with to ensure you're happy with their level of experience and also their skillset. 

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Behind the Initiative

Meg Burrage

I stumbled across Kajabi in 2019 thanks to the wonderful James Wedmore and the BBD Community. Since then, and like so many, I've used it to scale a multiple 6-figure business through a mixture of coaching, courses, digital products and done-for-you services. Over the past few years I've created for myself the type of flexible and satisfying business that I dreamed of for so many years wondering if I'd ever get there! I've gone from a soul-sucking 9 to 5 job that I hated, to something that has me leaping out of bed and a business that has allowed me to work from home (or anywhere) with my 3 young children, retire my husband and move from Australia to the Netherlands (hubby is Dutch). I've also made the most wonderful friends globally and my purpose and passion has pivoted over that time to helping other women achieve the same satisfaction, flexibility and financial rewards.

The Heart-Centered Apprentice finally came to life with the help of my dear friend Kimi Brown (what a powerhouse!) after seeing so many people let down by apparent "Kajabi Experts". The horror stories are endless and not usually because the "experts" are not technically capable but because they often lack the reliability, integrity and heart to deliver an excellent client experience. Kimi and I have set about to change all that. We handpick the HCA apprentices based on attitude and background and then set about ensuring they're armed with the technical skills but also the business acumen to blow their clients away with their amazingness!

We hope you'll enjoy working with our graduate apprentices and that you'll appreciate them for their unique capabilities and "special sauce" 💕


Connect with Meg

Kimi Brown

I have been partnering with coaches, consultants and online course creators to monetize their signature offer in Kajabi since 2015. 

I’ve been in the Official Kajabi FB group since its inception.

I’m a Kajabi OG Baby!

Over the past 6 years I have seen many posts requesting help with Kajabi.  

Let me be clear, there are many honest, ethical and professional people who are raising their hands in the FB group to help.

However, I have seen a troubling trend where people calling themselves Kajabi Specialists raise their hand to help, only to let that person down and costing you, the business owner, time and money by delaying your launch AND THEN you have to spend more time and money to hire someone else to clean up the mess. 

I know this because most of my business comes from cleaning up the messes or completing work that was abandoned by “Kajabi Specialists” who had no business calling themselves that.

Meg and I want to put a stop to the horror stories.   

Our passion is to create a league of handpicked, certified Kajabi Specialists who serve from the heart, are technically proficient, a complete professional from start to finish and can guide their clients along the path of online business ownership using Kajabi.   

I'm going to echo Meg above by saying we hope you'll enjoy working with our graduate apprentices and that you'll appreciate them for their unique capabilities and "special sauce" they bring to your business!

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